The Top 5 Reasons You Must Enroll Your Child in Victim Proof Our Youth

There are dozens of reasons why your child should attend Victim Proof Our Youth, but here are a few of the best.

1) Self-Defense
Victim Proof Our Youth focuses on non-aggressive and non-violent means of self-protection. Bullying is on the rise throughout our community and in all schools. The greatest deterrent for any bully is a child with confidence, one who is prepared to defend themselves, and one who knows how to assert their voice and their physical defense skills. Additionally, the skills your child will learn better prepares them for any physical threat regardless of an attackers age, size, or weight. Victim Proof Our Youth is the catalyst for your child to be victim proof and bully proof.

2) Confidence
Martial Arts in general are known for instilling students with confidence. There's many reasons why we chose Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to couple our situation awareness training, and the learned characteristic of confidence is a primary one. However, unlike most martial arts, Victim Proof, and its associated Jiu-Jitsu techniques, is relevant to real-world situations. Your child’s learned skillsets are practical, and reinforced through on-going training. This is how we learn best, and why Victim Proof will build a more confident child.

3) Socialization
Students are grouped by age, so immediately your child will find they have a lot in common with other students. Victim Proof will introduce your child to many new friends throughout their journey, who will share their experiences, and bond through learning techniques that are game driven. Communication is the forefront during training, and your child will continuously be engaged with both children and adults.

4) Complete Focus & Discipline
We encourage students to have fun during their training, but one of the greatest learned attributes and by-products of Victim Proof is focus and discipline. Instructors will teach techniques that amaze and draw a child’s attention. Children quickly understand they must keep their eyes and ears on instructors to perform as their instructors do. Mastering any new technique requires repetition and dedication, which strengthens every child’s focus and discipline. These traits translate into your child being more successful in school, sports and being leaders in their community.

5) Fitness
There are few sports that completely work the mind and the entire body. Victim Proof not only prepares your child mentally, but with the physicality of Jiu Jitsu your child will successfully endure a demanding cardiovascular workout. Students will increase stamina and energy, strengthen their core, master their body movement, and sharpen their reflexes. Balance and footwork are also key learned athletic attributes. Furthermore, these skillsets will increase your child’s performance in any sport, including baseball, football, wrestling, gymnastics and more. Victim Proof ultimately assists in creating a lifestyle of both mental health and fitness.

Are you ready to try our Introduction to Victim Proof Our Youth class?  It may be the best $20 you will ever spend on your child.  


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