Victim Proof Our Youth: Level 2
(4) 1.5 hour classes
12 student limit per classs
Date: See class schedule

Level 2 picks up where "Introduction to Victim Proof Our Youth" leaves off.  If you attended the introduction class, then your child is ready to continue his journey and become Victim Proof.  If you haven't attended the introduction class, then click here: Intro to Victim Proof Our Youth.

This class is broken into different age groups, so students can learn alongside their peers. Classes are hands on and include physical exertion and contact. A parent is required to attend and participate in any youth class: parent participation is optional for the 13-17 age group (attendance is still required). Parents will be paired up with their child to role play and perform self-defense techniques. The class content is intended to be age appropriate, but please note this class discusses such topics as bullying and abduction.

Class Age Groups
When registering for a class, please be certain to enroll your child into the age appropriate offering.
5-7    8-12    13-17

Class Description:
This situation awareness and self-defense class has a focus on empowering the children in our community with the ability to become bully proof and victim proof. This class is intended for both children and parent attendance, which promotes at home discussion and takes learned techniques out of the classroom and into real life.

Situation Awareness & Avoiding Danger
Students continue learning how to avoid vulnerability and danger when in real-world situations.  Each week, and in each class, new situations are introduced, including walking to and from school/friends/park, waiting at a bus stop, being cornered by a bully, and more. Avoidance of high threat locations, reducing the risk of being targeted, and red flags for understanding when an attacker is approaching or in direct (verbal or physical) contact are discussed and reinforced in each class.

Jiu Jitsu & Self-Defense Techniques
In the event a child cannot avoid a dangerous situation, and find themselves in the face of danger or confronted by a bully, they are prepared with physical techniques influenced through Jiu Jitsu, including:

• Using voice over violence & how it can defuse a situation
• When to run & when to defend
• What to do if a bully corners you
• What to do if a bully knocks you down
• Defending against a standing attacker
• Escaping from a standing attacker
• Proper stance and movement while under duress
• Handling pushing and pulling
• Defending and escaping from all variants of wrist grabs
• Defending and escaping an embracing attacker (hugs)
• Defending and escaping chokes or grabs around the neck (front and rear)

Each class will introduce a new technique, which is intended to build upon the previous techniques your child learned.  They are practiced and reinforced throughout each class, so your child can effectively call upon them later, if ever required in real life.  Skills are built through role play with parents, repitition and games.  Your child will learn as much as they have fun, and your involvement opens communication and takes the class home.

This curriculum will instill our student with confidence, strength, dignity, and the ability to sense danger and react to it without further putting themselves or others at risk. Physical self-defense techniques also lead their way towards a more agile, aware, and able bodied athlete, including techniques valuable in contact sports like football, soccer, wrestling, and more. Additionally, these classes build self-respect, self-worth and unity among their peers and community.

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Class prerequisite: Introduction to Victim Proof Our Youth

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