Victim Proof
Level 2

Level 2 picks up where Level 1 leaves off and combines situational awareness and jiu-jitsu for the ultimate self-defense skillset.  Students learn to further recognize, defend against, and ultimately prevail against potential threats.  You must complete Intro to Victim Proof prior to advancing on to Level 2.  (If you didn't complete Intro to Victim Proof, click here.)

Level 2 is a single 4-hour class offering a greater degree of hands-on training.  Level 2 is offered in both youth and adult formats.

Level 2 Adult
The adult version (students 18 and over) offers women-only and co-ed environments. Each one combines situational awareness and jiu-jitsu as instructors and students roleplay through common types of attacks. Students in the co-ed course learn to identify threats before an attack occurs and how to defend against one if caught off guard. The women-only offering goes beyond common threats and emphasizes identifying and defending against sexual assault and domestic violence.

Level 2 Youth
Youth classes are grouped by age, including a separate class for students aged 5-12 and another for those 13-17. They are designed to help children deal with bullying, intimidation, and peer pressure. Each student learns valuable life skills and jiu-jitsu techniques, and they walk away with unwavering self-confidence, greater personal responsibility, and expertise for defending themselves against child & adult threats.

Select from one of the following Victim Proof Level 2 offerings...

Level 2: Youth

Age Groups 5-12, 13-17

Level 2, Victim Proof Our Youth:  Advanced Anti-Bullying & Self-Defense for protecting our children.

Level 2:  Adult Women

Women-Only Self-Defense. 18 & Over

Level 2, Victim Proof (Victim or Victor?):  Advanced self-defense designed for women of all ages & physical ability.

Level 2:  Adult Coed

Co-Ed, real-world self-defense curriculum. 18 & Over

Advanced self-Defense techniques for the world we live in.  Performed in a coed environment.


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