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Intro to Victim Proof

All Intro Classes are $20

Intro to Victim Proof is the first class in a series of non-firearm self-defense courses.  This 1.5 hour course teaches students how to avoid, escape, and defend against common everyday threats by combining situational awareness and Jui-Jitsu fundamentals.  It is designed for students of any age, size, or physical ability.

We offer Intro to Victim Proof in both youth and adult formats.  Our youth class is available for age groups 5-12 & 13-17.  Our adult class is available for men and women 18 and over in both Co-ed or Women-Only student environments. There are no prerequisites or prior experience required for attending this class.

Graduates should expect to walk away with a heightened sense of awareness in their environment, basic life-saving self-defense skills, and a foundation for learning more advanced jiu-jitsu techniques.

Select from one of the following Intro to Victim Proof offerings...


Age Groups 5-12, 13-17

Intro to Victim Proof Our Youth:  Anti-Bullying & Self-Defense for protecting our children.

Adult Women

A Women's Only Curriculum 18 & Over

Intro to Victim Proof (Victim or Victor?):  Highly effective self-defense designed for women of all ages & physical ability.

Adult Coed

A Co-Ed, real-world self-defense curriculum. 18 & Over

Self-Defense techniques for the world we live in.  Performed in a coed environment.


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