Trade Confiscated Guns for New Equipment

Shooter’s World can trade your confiscated firearms for brand new weapons, body armor, electronics, and more.

Firearm Exchange Program

Our goal is to provide agencies with the equipment they need, reducing the burden of strained budgets.
We will take your confiscated guns off your hands and exchange them for the gear you need.

What Kind of Equipment Can We Get?

Anything you want. If your purchasing department will approve it, we’ll get it for you – up to the value of your trade credit. So, depending on your inventory and your imagination Shooter’s World and Arizona Tactical can provide equipment you may not otherwise be able to afford.

Most Commonly Requested Items:
• Point Blank® body armor
• SureFire® weapon lights
• Ballistic helmets
• Ammunition
• Binoculars/Night vision optics
• Pelican® cases and lights
• Laptop computers
• Police ATVs
• Weapon suppressors

• Firearms: AR15s, shotguns, training & much more!