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LVL3 Teens/Adult Victim Proof
Date: 08/30/2017 -to- 08/30/2017
Time: 06:45 PM   -to-  07:45 PM
All Day Event: No, This Is Not An All Day Event.
Events Repeats:
   ****This class will be held at the Peoria location only****

Level 3 Victim Proof Teens & Adults (ages 13 and over)

Class length: 1 hour

Level 3 Victim Proof continues the self-defense journey through a monthly subscription allowing for unlimited training.  New and more advanced self-defense and Jiu Jitsu techniques are taught in every Level 3 class, including those that have earned our instructor's world class status.  Students will be engaged in role playing active shooter situations, knife attacks, abductions, and other aggressive forms of attacks.  Victim Proof Level 3 provides life-long benefits of situational awareness, self-defense, and self-confidence for the average citizen.

Unlimited training for the month of the subscription!

Class Fee: Quarterly $475, Monthly 159.99