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Improvised Weapons with Steve Tarani (Day 1)
Date: 04/01/2017 -to- 04/01/2017
Time: 09:00 AM   -to-  04:00 PM
All Day Event: No, This Is Not An All Day Event.
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Class Description:
This outstanding 2-day program was originally tailored for covert operatives, but is now exclusively offered through Shooter’s World for you: the individual seeking a greater skill-set in self-defense. Your instructor, Steve Tarani, will share, demonstrate and engage you in the essential training skills necessary for both selecting and utilizing improvised weapons.

What is an Improvised Weapon? It’s an object that was not intentionally designed to be used as a weapon, but can be put to that use. They are generally used for self-defense where you are otherwise unarmed, or when it’s not safe or feasible to draw a firearm.

Mr. Tarani will educate you in the various categories of improvised weaponry, including edged, impact, flexible and personal weapons. Your training will include lectures, discussions and practical hands-on instruction leaving you with a greater level of confidence and effective self-defense techniques.
If a broader understanding and practice of self-defense is one of your goals, you cannot miss this class.

Detailed Course Content Includes:
  • Rapidly identify, access and deploy an improvised weapon in any operational environment.
  • Gain the initiative in usage of non-ballistic weapons including edged, impact, flexible and other weapons of opportunity based on immediate and exigent need.
  • Utilize an improvised weapon within the appropriate use-of-force range of application.
  • Recognize an attack before it happens.
  • Break contact from and gain the advantage over single or multiple assailants.
  • Escape from a high-threat hostage situation using your environment and select weapons of opportunity. And, much more.
Cost: $299

Prerequisites: 18 years & Older