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Victim Proof Our Youth (8-12 yrs.)
Date: 02/05/2017 -to- 02/05/2017
Time: 02:00 PM   -to-  03:30 PM
All Day Event: No, This Is Not An All Day Event.
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$20 (no member discount)

Age: 8-12 years of age

Class Length: 1 1/2 hours
12 student limit per class

This class is broken into different age groups, so students can learn alongside their peers. Classes are hands on and include physical exertion and contact. A parent is required to attend and participate in any youth class, except for the 13-17 age group (parent participation is optional). Parents will be paired up with their child to role play and perform self-defense techniques. The class content is intended to be age appropriate, but please note this class discusses such topics as bullying and abduction.

Class Description:
This situation awareness and self-defense class has a focus on empowering the children in our community with the ability to become bully proof and victim proof. This class is intended for both children and a parent, which promotes at home discussion and takes learned techniques out of the classroom and into
real life.

Part 1: Situation Awareness & Avoiding Danger
Students and parents will learn how to avoid vulnerability and danger when in real-world situations, including walking to and from school/friends/park, waiting at a bus stop, being cornered by a bully, and more. An emphasis is placed on avoidance of high threat locations, reducing the risk of being targeted, and red flags for understanding when an attacker is approaching or in direct (verbal or physical) contact. Additionally, students will discuss “the bubble” and maintaining personal space, and zero tolerance policies as it pertains to school and home (answering the door, telephone, etc).

Part 2: Jiu Jitsu & Self-Defense Techniques
In the event a child cannot avoid a dangerous situation, and find themselves in the face of danger, they are prepared with physical techniques influenced through Jiu Jitsu, including:

* Defending against a standing attacker
* Escaping from a standing attacker
* Proper stance and movement while under duress
* Handling pushing and pulling
* Defending and escaping from all variants of wrist grabs
* Defending and escaping an embracing attacker (hugs)
* Defending and escaping chokes or grabs around the neck (front or rear)

This curriculum will instill our student with confidence, strength, dignity, and the ability to sense danger and react to it without further putting themselves or others at risk. Physical self-defense techniques also lead their way towards a more agile, aware, and able bodied athlete, including techniques valuable in contact sports like football, soccer, wrestling, and more. Additionally, these classes build self-respect, self-worth and unity among peers and community.

The fee for this course is $20.