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Cellphones, Flashlights and Bullets
Date: 08/12/2016 -to- 08/12/2016
Time: 06:00 PM   -to-  07:30 PM
All Day Event: No, This Is Not An All Day Event.
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     Cellphones, Flashlights & Bullets


This class has been updated with new content!

Join us for a 1.5 hour presentation and discussion on Situation Awareness, Personal Safety and the Anatomy of a Gun!  In the past, this class has been geared towards women, however the latest revision expands the curriculum and equally engages both men and women.

The most exciting addition to this class is a segment called "Think Like Jason Bourne", which employs the tactics of US Air Force Colonel, John Boyd, who developed a strategy called OOPA (Observe, Orient, Decide and Act) that favors agility and decision making to thwarte an opponent.  Learn all about it in Cellphones, Flashlights & Bullets.

This seminar is ideal for men, woman and families with children age 13 or older.  Generally speaking, it discusses key factors in understanding public vulnerabilities and how to best avoid making yourself an easy mark.

The fee for this class is $10.