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Tuesday, December 3, 2019
» 3 All Day Event


Every Tuesday from open to close (9 am - 9 pm) is TEST-IT-TUESDAY at both locations!

This is the perfect opportunity for everyone to try out different types of firearms.

Includes the following: 

* 1st hour of range time - $10!

* Firearm rentals - FREE 

* Eye/ear protection - FREE

**Ammunition and targets not included**

5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
LEOSA 5:30-7:30PM

                             ***THIS CLASS WILL BE HELD AT OUR PEORIA LOCATION*** 

LEOSA - Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act

$50.13 *Price includes tax (no member pricing for this class)

$20 (Money order,certified check or cashier’s check, payable to:AZ DPS)

AGE: 21+


12 student per class


The LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER SAFETY ACT is a permit which allows retired law enforcement officers to carry a weapon, concealed or not, throughout the entire United States. This course is restricted to retired law enforcement officers only. The fee for this course is $49 before taxes.


• Forms required to apply for permit


• Firearm

• Holster (strong side) for each gun if shooting both revolver and semi-auto.

• 3 spare magazines (semi-auto)

• 3 spare speed loaders (revolver)

• 50 rounds per firearm

Instruction provided by an NRA Certified or AZ POST Certified Instructor.

Click here to register for LEOSA