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Sunday, January 14, 2018
» 14 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

                              ***THIS COURSE WILL BE HELD AT OUR PEORIA LOCATION***


CCW - Conceal Carry Weapon Course

$79.00 ($63.20 for members- please register in person or over the phone to receive discount)

$60.00 State of Arizona application fee

(Fee to be paid directly to AZ Dept. of Public Safety in the form of a money order or cashier's check)

AGE: 21+


30 student limit per course @ our Peoria location

24 student limit per course @ our Phoenix location


• Forms required to apply for permit

• Fingerprinting


This 4-hour course is an introduction to defensive decisions that address Law and Legal for Arizona State Laws, street threats, and the unique responsibilities that govern the use of non-lethal and deadly force.

Instruction provided by an NRA Certified or AZ POST Certified Instructor.

COURSE PREREQUISITE: Basic firearm knowledge


• Photo ID (driver license, state-issued ID, or passport)

• Must be a United States citizen or must be lawfully present in the

United States

• Must be at least 21 years of age

• Not under indictment or been convicted of a felony in the U.S. or


• Not convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence

• Not under court order (i.e. order of protection, harassment, etc.)

• Not a fugitive from justice

• Not a user of or addicted to any controlled substance

• Not been dishonorably discharged from the Armed Forces

• Have never renounced U.S. citizenship

• Do not suffer from mental illness and have not been adjudicated

mentally incompetent or committed to a mental institution


• Active duty Arizona Peace Officers Standards and Training Board

certified or federally credentialed peace officers.

• Honorably retired federal, state or local peace officers with a

minimum of 10 years of service may obtain a permit without

taking the firearms safety training program.

• DPS approved Firearms Safety Training Instructors may obtain a

permit without taking the firearms safety training program.

• Concealed weapon permits may be renewed every five (5) years.

CLICK HERE - to register for CCW
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Stronger Than Your Excuses

 Stronger Than Your Excuses 

Please Check Our Website For More Deatiled Information

Do financial priorities typically bump personal goals to the bottom of your checklist? Is your child's social life and activities schedule cluttering your calendar to the point where "me time" is pushed months out? Do you look in the mirror and think off all the things you want to do, but your energy level says you can't do it? Do these or any other dozens of questions surface when you consider personal development?

If so, don't you think it's time you become stronger than your excuses?

Join us as we lead and inspire you through a one-of-a-kind journey to a new, stronger and more resilient you. We call this program Stronger Than Your Excuses. Stronger Than Your Excuses is a 4-week, 3-part training series designed to mentally and physically challenge, energize and empower you. Over a 4-week period, reconstruct your physical-self through the incomparable El Jefe CrossFit’s strength program, take the first steps in personal safety, protection and self-defense with Shooter's World and break through the intimidation of car-maintenance basics with Joey the Grease Monkey. It's time to overpower the obstacles you created and become Stronger Than Your Excuses, even if you’ve never walked into a gym, held a firearm or seen a tire iron.

Never walked into a gym before? Never even held a firearm? Let us help ease your nerves and show you just how strong you are!

Here are the details on the three outstanding Stronger Than Your Excuses components:

El Jefe Cross Fit

  • Specialized coaching for all athletes from beginner to advanced


  • Physical & mental training in a non-intimidating yet motivating and supportive environment


  • Focus on strength and achieving things you never thought possible


  • Power, strength and endurance programs for complete body engagement

Shooter's World Firearm & Self-Defense Training

  • Learn the laws behind carrying a firearm in Arizona


  • Obtain your Conceal Carry Permit (CCW) (Must be 21 and older in order to obtain your CCW permit)


  • Emphasis on firearm safety rules


  • Master the fundamentals of handling a pistol


  • Extensive on-range target practice and marksmanship drills


  • Train beside highly certified industry professionals


  • Understand your surroundings and don't become a victim


  • Physically defend against common attacks


  • Use of pepper spray for self-defense

Mechanic Survival Skills:

  • Talk the language (without the need to grunt)


  • Checking tire pressure and filling them safely


  • Changing a tire


  • What, when & how: Car Fluids


  • Air filter inspection & replacement


  • Maintenance milestones: Avoid being taken advantage of


  • DIY and save